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New Book Helps Publishers Get More Effective QR Code Campaigns


Broadcasting on Paper QR CodesA recent Nellymoser study showed that the use of quick response codes in magazines jumped by 617% from January 2011 to December 2011, showing that there were more than 631 codes printed in magazines in December last year.

What's more encouraging is that each magazine now has an average of 6.5 two-dimensional codes in the fourth quarter of 2011.

QR codes make up around 72% of these 2D barcodes, making it the most popular among the codes available today.

True enough, we have seen QR codes pop out in every magazine we buy. It could be part of an article, or an advertisement. In fact, in France, we have even seen a magazine made out entirely of QR codes!

So if you publish a magazine, a newsletter, or any printed reading material, you might want to check out a new book by Spektacle Magazine titled "Broadcasting on Paper."

The book teaches publishers on how to give their readers a features-rich QR code experience. It shows publishers how to create, develop and maintain a QR code campaign. What's more, the book comes with step-by-step instructions for each process of the campaign. This is the go-to guide to know how to create a QR code for free, how to make sure it works, how to make your code more eye-catching and even how to conduct a successful QR code campaign.

The main selling point of the book is that it gives out tips in a way that even the most novice of beginners could understand. Everything here is easy to do and follow!

The book's author, John Noi, says that the book's aim is to help publishers create a code that would easily engage and entertain their readers, and avoid the problems that some people have when implementing a QR code campaign. Both of these help save time and money.

Check out more information about the book on The book costs £17 for a black and white paperback, £24 for a full color one. An e-book version is available for only £12.

Custom QR Code Designs

Services provides eye-catching, beautiful and intuitive designs for you.  We make sure that our custom QR codes match your requirements and can even match your current designs.

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