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The Right Instructions Are Vital to Your QR Code Campaign


Getting your QR campaign rightQR codes are gaining traction in the United States and other parts of the world, including Canada and the U.K.  But ordinary people, or your target market, might not know what these codes are when they see them, as well as what to do with them.

Luann LaSalle at the Globe and Mail writes that while QR codes are gaining prominence and widespread use, consumers still need to get educated about what these codes are and what they do.

Citing Mark Tauschek, an analyst and research director at Info-Tech Research, LaSalle writes that this education would have to come from the advertisers themselves.

This is the reason why we at have always stressed the importance of instructions.  While it is easy to take the QR code for granted, with the thought that people would automatically know how it works, a lot of people just don't.

Most people see a QR code and ignore it because they have no idea what it is.  Some might be curious, but they might have no clue whatsoever that they actually need to get their smartphones and scan it.

Others might also not know where to download a QR code scanner app for their phones.

The only way to fight this is to add some short instructions in your posters, flyers and other marketing collaterals.

Just some reminders:

1. Be short and sweet.  Something like a simple "Scan This!" already works to get people's attention.  No sense in bludgeoning them with useless information such as the history of QR codes or what a QR code really is.  After they know what they're supposed to do with a QR code, then you can...

2. Deal with the "how."  Tell your consumers to fire up their QR code scanners (or how to get one for free if they don't already have them), and then snap up a picture of the code.  

3. Always say why they should scan the code.  While curiosity might get people to scan your code, most would just go away if they do not know what they're going to get.  Remember, especially in areas where connecting to the mobile Web entails data charges, you have to make it worth their while to scan your code.  Freebies, contests, information, ideas, coupons, discounts, and other benefits would certainly push people to scan your code.

QR codes can really make a difference when it comes to your marketing campaigns.  As LaSalle points out, these codes are "truly mobile" and allows you -- as an advertiser -- to say more with the limited space you have on your billboard, flyer, or poster.  

But you just have to do it right.

Custom QR Code Designs

Services provides eye-catching, beautiful and intuitive designs for you.  We make sure that our custom QR codes match your requirements and can even match your current designs.

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