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Top Five Tips When Customizing Your QR Code Design


Customizing your QR code Design: Things to rememberHaving your own QR code design may be very exciting as it paves the way for more integration and more creativity that lead to a unique marketing campaign.


However, there are some things that you should think about when you customize your QR code design.


Do not invert the QR code design.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they come up with their own QR code design is that they invert the original code that they are working with, turning the white parts black and the black parts white. This is wrong and will surely make your QR code unreadable!

Play with colors.

One of the most creative way to come up with a unique QR code design is to play with colors. You can create a rainbow spectrum across the QR code, or assign different colors to different sections of the code. Just remember that you should use a dark color for the black parts, while using a lighter color for the background.

You could also match your QR code with your marketing poster, for example. If you have an existing poster design that follows a green and white color scheme, you could match your QR code with the same color combination.

Incorporate your brand characteristics or logo into your customized QR

If you are looking for design ideas for your new QR code design, then look no further than your brands. You could insert your company logo into your QR code design. Or perhaps align your QR code design with how you want your company to be known. If you have a fun, sassy and technologically advanced image, you might want to put in elements that represent these characteristics into your QR code.

Make your QR code large.

While traditional QR codes work well being printed with dimensions of an inch all around, a custom QR code design would necessitate that you print your final code in larger dimensions. This would lessen the likelihood of errors.

Be creative in deploying your custom QR code.

The beauty of having a custom QR code design is that you can easily integrate it with the design of your marketing materials. Take advantage of this by weaving your QR code into the design of your posters, brochures or flyers.


On top of these, there are technical aspects to customized QR codes. For one, you still need to have enough white space around the code to make it readable. Also, you need to modify 30% or less of the code, any more and you would have a hard time getting the QR codes scanned.

Custom QR Code Designs

Services provides eye-catching, beautiful and intuitive designs for you.  We make sure that our custom QR codes match your requirements and can even match your current designs.

Furthermore, we have a team of graphic artists who are also custom QR code design experts and have an understanding of how brands work.  We can translate your brand into your custom QR code design!